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A Few Words About Us

Fix your millipede problem with millipede  light traps.

The millipede catcher light trap is endorsed by Landcare and is environmentally friendly.

Buying a millipede catcher is more economically viable than spraying toxic chemicals around your home.

What kills millipedes? Water! They are attracted to the light trap and fall into the catcher and drown. This is how to get rid of millipedes fast!

Some Millipede Facts!

Millipedes break down mulch in the garden. In Australia we have our own native insects that do this without being a pest. Portuguese millipedes travel great distances but many infestations come from infested mulch and even pot plants brought to your property.
Infestations occur because the Portuguese Millipedes produce 300 eggs each per season. If you do not use some form of millipede control, an infestation is likely.

By using the millipede catcher you can break the breading cycle. The first of the rains are a trigger for the millipedes to become active, for the purpose of reproduction. Light is the attractant which stimulates the Portuguese Millipede to congregate in an area.
That is why the millipede trap is so effective at breaking the breading cycle.
By killing millipedes at the start of the cycle, in their masses, you prevent the infestation from occurring.

Millipede control occurs when you place the catchers around the home and attract, catch and kill the Portuguese Millipedes.
You can then see the millipedes caught and be satisfied the infestation has reduced. Being persistent and moving the catchers around to different locations, clears the millipedes in that area.
This is how to get rid of millipedes and is millipede pest control at its easiest.

If you are asking, “how to get rid of millipedes in the house?” Look no further.
The Millipede catcher draws millipedes away from your house and into the trap because it has
a powerful 1 watt LED not a typical 0.4 of a watt.

This light trap is an Australian invention and has a patent.
It is a solar powered and an ac chargeable product with 2 AA batteries.
The millipede catcher is extremely effective in millipede control.
This product is guaranteed to attract catch and kill millipedes, while you sleep!

solar panels
watt LED
hrs of light fully charged