Extremely effective!

AC Charger back up
4 solar panels
1 watt LED
40 hrs of light fully charged
Batteries included are FREE
No chemical and environmentally friendly
Too easy!

Get the job done now!
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How To Kill Millipedes, Get Rid Of Millipedes In Your Home With The Millipede Catcher

Solar Millipede Catcher with AC Charger
Millipede control & how to kill millipedes
Millipede Catcher in Action!

Millipede Catcher in Action!

1.  Track Millipedes in AUSTRALIA.

1. Track Millipedes in AUSTRALIA.

Please, enter your post code to track millipede infestation.

2.  Track Millipedes GLOBALLY

2. Track Millipedes GLOBALLY

Please, enter your post code to track millipede infestation.

Get rid of millipedes
The Millipede Catcher Kit kills Millipedes and lights up your garden!

Millipede Catcher attracts, catches, and kills Portuguese Millipedes

so you can simply dispose of them.

This is an environmentally friendly product that 

does not use toxic chemicals.

Comes with AC Charger

Endorsed by Landcare Australia

The Millipede Catcher is made from recycled plastic and the lights are an economical solar powered unit.

Does not use Toxic Chemicals, reduce your impact on the environment

Millipede Catcher! For Millipede Controll

Stop your house being infested with Portuguese Millipedes.

Control the Portuguese Millipede pest with ease.

Buy the Millipede Catcher! For Millipede Control

Millipede removal is made simple.

Catch millipedes in your sleep not in your house, buy the Millipede Catcher!

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Help stop the spread of this introduced pest!

 If you hate Millipedes you will love the Millipede Catcher! 

Do you have a white wall that turns black in winter?

Then you need the Millipede Catcher!

 If millipedes cause you fear....

relax Millipede Catcher is here! 

Are your Gardens dark in the evenings?

Light up your life with the Millipede Catcher!

 Do you like entertaining but are to embarrassed to have visitors ask ...,  

“What are those black things everywhere?”

Entertain with confidence use the Millipede Catcher!

 Is the sound of millipedes crushing under your feet too loud?

Use the Millipede Catcher, the silence is deafening!

 If Millipedes are stinking you out, refresh your garden with the Millipede Catcher! 

Turn frustration into joy when you see the quantity of millipedes you catch!

Don't let millipedes spoil your BBQ. Reduce the population of millipedes and reduce their breeding,

use the Millipede Catcher!

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How to get rid of millipedes in house
Stop Millipedes Breeding, use the Millipede Catcher,
millipede eradication
Launch The Millipede Catchers for Millipede Control
You could be the Winner!

Do you have a massive Millipede infestation?
Do you live in Western Australia?
Do you want to Win  4 millipede Catchers?

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