Extremely effective!
AC Charger back up
4 solar panels
1 watt LED
40 hrs of light fully charged
Batteries included are FREE Re-Chargeable
No chemical and environmentally friendly
Too easy!

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Resources for Millipede Control
Set Up Tips For Millipede Control

Set Up Tips For Millipede Control


Read instructions carefully

Only fill the catcher with water to a depth of approximately 2 to 3cm. Place the millipede catcher around an infestered area keeping the millipede catcher level.

Keep the Millipede catcher away from other light sources including white walls.

Be persistent, sometimes the millipedes are not active.

Empty the millipede catchers into a bucket. Ensure the millipedes are dead. If not leave them in the bucket for a day. Then empty the water from the bucket away from the house and tip the millipedes into a bag and dispose of or bury then.

Important. Discuss the effectiveness of the millipede catcher with your neighbours. Less millipedes at their place means less millipedes at yours!

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