Extremely effective!
AC Charger back up
4 solar panels
1 watt LED
40 hrs of light fully charged
Batteries included are FREE Re-Chargeable
No chemical and environmentally friendly
Too easy!

Get the job done now!
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Email from a satisfied customer.

It's such a relief to have found a product that looks so good and actually does what it claims to do! It's easy to assemble, looks elegant and the light is really attractive in the garden...and it catches all the millipedes in the area!Brilliant product, simple but well made. Very happy customer! Thanks 😊 😊 

Woke up this morning to find the two catchers I put out last night for the first time, were full of the little blighters! So impressed I bought two more Catchers today!

S.Ingram  Muchea WA

Phone call from a satisfied customer, 

Thank you so much for supplying this product!

I am so relieved that I have this catcher,

after all this time living with millipedes!

Tim Gibbens, stratton WA

I am shocked at the thousands of millipedes I have caught.

After one night the 4 catchers were full.

I kept the catchers out for 4 days and I must have caught

most of them, so I am changing the location of the traps.

Bob DeWolfe, Booragoon, WA

I literally caught thousands!

I am so happy with this catcher,

It’s Great, Thanks!

Chandi Rae, Vic Park, WA

I had such a problem with millipedes that I would try anything!

I am glad I did because this trap is the best product I have used!

Dave Young, Gidgegannup, WA

We have dogs and cats and kids. There is no way I would use toxic chemicals.

The millipede catcher is brilliant!

Heidi Robinson,  White Gum Valley, WA

I have thousands of millipedes. It was embarrassing to bring friends home until I controlled them with the catchers. They are awesome! Thanks!

Samantha Motion, Mundaring, WA

Our pool filter was working overtime with the amount of millipedes in it. I bought the millipede catcher and I am so relieved I did! We caught absolutely thousands and did they stink!


I am a Real Estate Agent and I know a couple selling their house that had a problem with millipedes. The went away and left the lights on and came back to find thousands of millipedes in the house. The best thing to do was to put a millipede catcher in the room and catch them. No mess, no chemicals and drew the hidden ones out.


I have a 5 acre property and have caught bucket loads of the little #*+#. I was so impressed with the traps that I bought another Kit for my parents.

Mellissa Mckay, Byford, WA

I am so Impressed with this product, can you send me some pamphlets for my neighbours?


I think this catcher is so good please send me some flier. I am a mobile mechanic and people ask me many questions. A frequent question is for a millipede solution. Now I will give them the flier.

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