Millipede Catcher
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Millipede Catcher
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Attract, catch, kill, dispose!

The Millipede Catcher is Environmentally friendly and made from recycled plastic.

It is solar powered, simple and convenient to use .  

The Millipede Catcher is target insect specific, extremely effective and has a collection device.

The Millipede catcher is non-toxic Easy DIY Installation.

The Millipede catcher has an A/C charger incase of consistently overcast conditions, enabling the unit to be recharged for action.
Solar Federation Garden Light 1
Solar panels 4
Globe 1 led 1 watt
Catcher 1 (43cm diameter)
AC Charger 1
AA Rechargeable Batteries (2 x 1500 mAh) 2
Warranty - return to base warranty 6 months
Features Benefits
Solar federation garden light safe, attractive and efficient. It has 4 solar panels for efficient charging
Made from recycled plastic and non-toxic Environmentally friendly, uses no chemicals, inexpensive durable product
Target insect specific kills only the millipedes, not other helpful insects
Has a collection device and handles Use friendly and convenient
Super Bright LED Globe Efficient use of power and a brightl 1 watt LED
AA Rechargeable Batteries (1500mAh) Up to 40 hrs duration of light fully charged