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AC Charger back up
4 solar panels
1 watt LED
40 hrs of light fully charged
Batteries included are FREE Re-Chargeable
No chemical and environmentally friendly
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Millipede Catchers Frequently Asked Questions

Millipede Catchers Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What chemicals does the millipede catcher kit use?


Has the millipede catcher kit got its own power?

          Yes, it is battery powered. It can be recharged via solar or AC input.

Is the millipede catcher kit solar?

  Yes it has 4 solar panels.

What kills the Millipedes?

    The millipedes drown in water.

How can I order the millipede catcher kit?

By phone, mail a cheque, money order or by credit card on the product page.

Is the millipede catcher kit environmentally friendly?

            It uses no chemicals and is endorsed by Land Care.

What attracts the Millipedes?

Millipedes are attracted by Light.

How many Millipedes does the Millipede catch attract?

Depending on the infestation, the light attracts millipedes from up to 10m away.

How does the millipede catcher catch the millipedes?

The Millipede Catcher has a catchment system that traps the millipedes and ultimately, the millipedes drown.

Is the millipede catcher kit cheaper than spraying toxic chemicals?

Yes! Once the rain washes the residue of chemical away you have no protection. The chemical must be re applied. Chemicals are toxic to the environment, native insects, animals, children and adults. Choose for Now and the Future, Choose the Millipede Catcher.

Can the millipede catcher kit be placed on concrete or paths?

Yes, any surface as long as it is level. Lawns, concrete, paving, grass and flowerbeds are some of the surfaces the Millipede Catcher may be placed.

How do I dispose of the millipedes?

Drain the water and empty the millipedes in to the bin or bury them.

How effective is the Millipede Catcher?

The Millipede Catcher is very effective. It attracts, catches and kills millipedes when they are active.

Is the Millipede Catcher easy to install?

            Yes, the kit comes with easy to follow DIY instructions.

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